Friday, June 25, 2010

F U Too, Party of No

Senate Republicans, yet again, have voted 'no' on a measure to extend unemployment benefits.

"The only thing Republicans have opposed in this debate are job-killing taxes and adding to the national debt." -Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)

I'm so sick of these bastards.

The global war on terrorism has done much to bankrupt this country, but I guess that doesn't add to the national debt. What about the war on poverty right here in Amerikkka?

Charity truly does begin at home.  Here in my county, free breakfast and lunch are provided for any child throughout the summer, which is a good thing, because there was a 32% jump in homeless children reported by the school district this past year.  I imagine it'll be worse in a couple of months.  I know from first hand experience that a parent will forgo eating for their child's sake.

Let's face it, there aren't enough jobs to go around.  Thousands of the jobs lost in the recession are gone for good (subprime mortagage brokers, psuedo banks created/owned by BofA and others of their ilk for one).  I hear Ford is making a 'comeback' of sorts and GM's workers don't get a summer break which is really good news for their  employees.  However, we can't get away from "made in China/Vietnam/Korea/Indonesia" to save our lives. I know we're in debt up to our eyeballs to China, but come on! Bring some of these damn jobs back H.anes,, H.P,, A.T&T, Ver.izon.  I know those 'free' trade agreements ya'll made with the devil did wonders for your bottom line; ours, not so much.

How can you show compassion for others (victims of natural disasters in other parts of the world) but don't apply it here at home under the auspices of stopping the President's spending spree?  If emergency dollars aren't granted, how else are the unemployed going to meet the basic necessities of life (food, shelter).  Living paycheck to paycheck is challenging enough.  Unemployment check to unemployment check is even more disheartening.  NO check behind some Republican BS is simply unacceptable.

Indirectly, just because....


Val said...

And they, the Republicans, will do this then seek tax breaks for the rich.

Penny Wize said...

@ Val
Exactly! Why they keep voting these fools into office is beyond me. A lot of their constituents are poor, broke and unemployed too, but they obviously don't care that they're hurting themselves too.

Val said...

@Penny Wize

The Republicans use race as a wedge to get many poor and working class Whites to vote against their own interests. Really sad.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Good news. The Senate voted late this evening to extend benefits until 11/30. Since elections will be over then, I guess it people will be thrown to the wolves.

Reggie said...

Well at least it finally passed.

What I've always been fascinated by is how poor toothless people in places like Kentucky and Idaho will go out in their millions to vote Republican. It's amazing to me because they're voting for people that don't have their best interests at heart. They're voting for people that have no problem giving themselves raises; and yet, won't vote for a minimum wage increase because of how it will doom people to lose their jobs.......what complete and utter bullshit!!!

The reality is that they have more in common with poor people of color than they'd like to admit to themselves.

These people continue to be elected because our electorate is deaf, dumb and blind.......or just flat out stupid. When people that are as dumb as a bag of hammers vote, this is what you get.

Penny Wize said...

LOL @ "..dumb as a bag of hammers.."

Don't forget, they want they're country back too..