Thursday, November 4, 2010

'Beauty' Shop Talk

I had (reluctantly) volunteered to pick up my niece from the shop on Wednesday.  Guess what I heard in the twenty minutes I was there?

"No, I didn't vote..."

"I didn't like any of the candidates runnin' for office, so why bother.."

"On the news they said you only had 3 minutes in the booth..shoot, that wouldna been enough time for me to make up my mind.."

I frowned and shook my head, willing the beautician working on my niece to hurry.the.hell.up.

"I told ya'll Gr.een was gonna mess up my straight party vote.  Ain't no way I was votin for that fool.."

"These in between elections don't matter anyway. I only vote for the president.."

The list of pathetic excuses of 'why I didn't vote' went on and on.  An old friend of my dearly departed Grandma sat silently flipping through some random magazine.  She nodded at me.

"Did you vote, Penny?"

"Yes ma'am." I shuffled uncomfortably 'cause I knew what was coming next.  My neice chose that moment to come through, finally.

"And how did you vote?"  She's never one to mince words and loves to challenge me.

"I split the ticket."  You could have heard a pin drop. 

Grandma's friend smiled.  "We taught you well."


Val said...

If more of us split tickets and made it known that we had, we might actually gain some political power.

Btw, I think I saw somewhere that Alvin green got 28% of the vote? That can't be true?

Glad you're back!

Penny Wize said...

I've always voted that way; I just don't believe that one party has all the answers. The next two years will be very interesting.

Re: Al Greene's 28%

I'm still scratchin' my head at that one! Apparently, 'they' didn't get the memo about his after party! I now need for him to go away quietly.

QueenBee said...


Reggie said...

I see you live in South Carolina as well, I live in Summerville. I couldn't vote for Alvin, but I couldn't vote for Jim either.

When I stood at the voting booth, I laughed when I saw both of their names on the ballot. I could feel eyes on my back when I did that, I honest didn't care.

I thought that it was ridiculous that those were the two major choices in a statewide race.

I voted for the Green Party candidate, for all I know he was a Klansman or a marxist.

Penny Wize said...

@ Reggie

Re: Green Party candidate: So did I! Our choices, for the most part, suck, don't they?