Monday, November 15, 2010

FB Freakin'

"Good mornin', FB fam...."

Responses:  "Mornin' sunshine....", "Did you sleep well, brown eyes?", "U up already? We chatted well into the night..."

He goes ballistic, accusing you of being a flirtin/lyin/cheatin' snake in the grass (well, his words were a lot more unkind) and threatens to end the relationship.

Did I mention she has a boyfriend with a husband on the side?

Guess which one he is? (and the first two don't count)

"Let him keep actin' up...dude in (another state who she 'met' on FB) told me to come on up anytime..."

(Penny)  "Oh, is that XYZ?"

(FB Freak, impatiently) "No, that's ZYX, you know, the one that sent me a pic...."

Technology got ya'll actin' a plum straight fool...


Val said...

Ha! Some people def get crazy on FB.

A few FB people have given me thier telephone numbers but I haven't called a single one!

Reggie said...

Of course, I've got a Facebook page, but I really can't get into it. I initially got one after going to a high school reunion a couple of years back and hearing that's how most of them stayed in touch. Since then, I haven't spent more than an hour on it a month. I just can't get excited about it at this point.

I guess I'm a big enough fool on Blogger, without bringing Facebook in the mix.

Don said...

Not on Facebook, but I've heard enough stuff and read enough stories to understand that it can get down right dirty, at times.

Probably due to women posting so many pics of themselves, and men being men (or dogs), in general.

Thanks for the Twitter follow.