Friday, December 3, 2010

Can't Win for Losing

In light of the cold snap we've been experiencing lately, the utility companies around these parts are threatening to shut off services to hundreds (probably closer to thousands) of customers who can't pay or haven't paid their bills.  Meanwhile, those who are fortunate enough to be able to pay will have to foot the bill with higher rate increases (that seem to occur every quarter).

What, are they just going to let people freeze to death?  People stand in long ass lines at one non profit agency to get help with their heating bills and then run across town to another agency to get food vouchers to keep from starving.  Further still, they have to back track to yet another agency to get help with the rent just so they'll have a place to stay for another month

Aid to non profits is down, demand is way up and disproportionately high. All this running around for naught.

Too many people in need + not enough money to go around = a recipe for disaster. 

This thing is about to blow, for real.

The hawk is here to stay.
Bipartisanship be damned.  If they don't get it together, and soon, civil unrest is right around the corner.

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